Sunday, October 3, 2010

On the Rides -- Teacups #disneyland

continuing this week's Disney Theme Photography - On the Rides (click on the link to find out how to share your awesome pics).

I love everything about this picture except the fact that I didn't take amazingly talented daughter did.  She's always managed to capture the best comes naturally to her.   

She was at the park with a group of young people who had just returned from a 4 month missions trip to Kenya.   Several of them added a couple of extra days so they could explore California before heading home.  This young man was the director of the was great to see him having such a great time!


  1. Good stuff. Definitely captures the whole "this ride is going SO fast I'm going to hurl" moment. :)

  2. i wish there was a picture of her trying to get this pic. Her description of trying to hold the camera still and not be ill is hilarious.

  3. When I'm riding, I tend to keep my head down and focus on spinning the wheel like mad so my sons squeal.

    When I do look up, though... *puke*


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