Saturday, March 5, 2011

"C is for Competitive #disneyland

It's also for cruise, cruise director, chipper golf contest and cheating.....just sayin'

We love Disney Cruises...we've gone on three so far and are hoping to go to Alaska next summer.  These pictures are from our second cruise....7 day western caribbean.  We usually vacation in January so weather is always hit and miss.   This year it fell more in the 'miss' category so we spent more time on the ship than we normally would.  

On one of the stormy days, the cruise director invited everyone to a chip-off.  (I should probably let you know that we are the obnoxiously loud family that you talk about on vacation...we are also very competitive...)  anyhoos...boy2 and hubby1 decided to participate and it turns out they are very good at this silly little game.  They also had a case of the sillies so they were taking a lot of time to set up their shots and there was probably some trash talking (maybe..a little), which obviously the girl in lavendar didn't appreciate...

 and then there was this shot.....if boy2 can convince the cruise director to call it a
"-2" then hubby1 loses and boy2 wins.....

it is clearly more out than in but boy2 is determined to convince the director otherwise....

I don't remember the outcome but I do remember that the round was delayed much longer than it should have been.

your turn:   as always, you are invited to join us by posting a Disney "C" picture on your blog and then posting a link HERE.  

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, someday maybe I can convince my wife that she won't get sea sick, and we'll get to go on a cruise too!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway.


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