Friday, July 15, 2011

this week is brought to you by the letter "C"

*repost alert*
I'm revisiting some of my favorite "A is for Apple" posts for Heidi's Disney ABC hop.   Looking forward to meeting lots of new Disney friends over there!

It also fits in with Written Inc's photo theme of parallel this week.   Hop over there and be amazed at his beautiful pictures.

Moving right along thru the alphabet brings us to the letter "C."    This one is super easy....castle, crowds, color, coffee, churros, etc etc etc.     

To start off the week, I'm sharing one of my favorite Disneyland pictures.   It's from the Columbia and I absolutely love how it turned out. (and I know that technically it's a "R"ope, but it's my blog and I choose to not wait until we get to the letter "r" it's Columbia's rope this week.)


  1. "C" is for Captain Jack Sparrow
    Check it out @ Just4Fun

  2. Hey I decided to play along as promised last week on twitter. I had fun walking around the park looking for C's, so much I might do it again for next week. Thanks!

  3. i'm glad you joined us. I like have a theme--it makes me look a lttle harder for picture opportunities.

  4. That is a great shot! Thanks for joining in the fun!

  5. I was not expecting parallel ropes. Good shot.

  6. This is one of the best texture shots I've seen in a while. I have to resist the urge to swipe my fingers across my screen (it's a MacBook Pro, not a tablet!)


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