Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Exercising at Disneyland

Yesterday I played with "runkeeper" at Disneyland. Did you know that it's .9 miles from the parking structure to the loading dock for the Columbia?  Disney says it's 1/2 mile from tram to garage,  but it's actually .61 miles.

 A full day at the parks can equal anywhere from 19,000-25,000 steps, depending on how organized you are with your day.  (Some of my friends run back and forth from park to park.  While this is great for your step total, it doesn't make sense to me.)  Yesterday's total for a quick (3 hours) run around the park was 12,362 steps.

and it helps if you can stay away from the churros and pretzel carts......

and a favorite picture from yesterday:

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