Friday, January 15, 2010

The River is Empty

Must be January--so much construction, painting and refurbishment going on at the parks.  It's kind of fun to watch all the repair work; although you have to get creative to see over the barriers.    These were taken by standing on a rail (which cast members disapprove of apparently) on the bridge over the Pirates of the Caribbean line.   I saw other photographers hanging over the edge of the Tarzan treehouse to get shots.   We're such geeks.

Columbia in dry dock.

Tom Sawyers island is to the left.

The track where the Mark Twain docks. 



  1. Are they still doing the pirate theme over at the island? We got to see 'Jack Sparrow' a couple of years back and it was a real treat. I want to know when he will be around for pics next time! I kinda have a thing for the Pirate movies.

  2. OMG--you might be a geek for getting the pics, but I think I'm probably a little geeky too for enjoying them. LOL

  3. Yes, it's still Pirate's Lair and contrary to any rumors you may be hearing, it is NOT becoming the island from "Lost."


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