Friday, January 15, 2010

a plan

Went to Disneyland yesterday to see if maybe I could get some inspiration for a master plan for this blog.   Things that popped into my head....

1.  Disneyland Up-Close and Personal.   a series of close up pics.  seeing the park from a different perspective

2.  Disneyland Thru the Year.   a series of pictures taken monthly.  started them yesterday, but my camera failed on the first few, so i'll have to redo them.  (a little concerned about how many camera is performing since the overheating incident)

3.  Disneyland Thru the Years.   a series of pictures from all the times my family has visited.  my dad first went in 1956 and we've been going regularly since 1976.  
main street - january decorations


  1. K I've got an idea--it doesn't quite fit into the Thumper Awards, but it's funny. Take pics of people wearing different Disney hats. Not just anyone tho.....THAT GUY who is wearing Minnie Mouse ears....THAT GIRL wearing those insane looking Happy Birthday ears....THAT COUPLE that makes you go, "Awwww...weird, but cute" with their matching hats.....THAT DUDE with the Goofy hat, looking goofy....and others! Just an idea I had--the only thing is that you'd have to hide their faces, right?

  2. I like. Don't have to blur faces if I ask permission

  3. or...i could paste disney characters over their

  4. Hidden Mickeys and where to look would be fun.

  5. Ohhhh really? Awesome. I actually have some pics of people like those I described...I dunno if I lost them in my last crash, but if so, I could send you some to look at (or post if you want to, but no pressure at all--just for ideas). :D

    OHHHHH--Parsley's idea for the hidden Mickey's would be super fun!

  6. there's an iphone app that lists all the hidden mickeys. it's awesome!

    i'd love to see your pics....


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