Monday, July 11, 2011

U is for Ursula

It's Monday and that means I'm WAY behind on posting the letter for this week -- good thing my readers are really smart and already know that U comes after T.  I was planning on letter hunting this week but the freakishly hot, humid weather proved too much and I lounged around by the pool instead.  You guys are going to have to pick up the slack and wow me with all the incredible "U" things you found...really...I'm counting on you....

Here's a few shots of Ursula from the new Little Mermaid Ride...cuz she's awesome...

your turn:   Can't wait to see what everyone has for this week.   Not sure how to play along?  All the details are at the Disney Photo Theme tab at the top of the page.   You can post your link on any of the "U" blogs during the week.  Have fun!


  1. Great pics, U is not easy as I'm trying to think of one right now.LOL.

    Diane @Can do it MOM

  2. I just posted some "U" pictures. U stands for United Kingdom, And some of the characters we saw there. Thanks, Diane


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