Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cast Members and the Letter R

Each week on That Disney Blog, we explore a different theme thru Disney  pictures.   We are currently working our way thru the alphabet.  This week it's all about the letter "R" and here are some cast members to start us off.

We told each set of cast members that we were doing a Disney alphabet picture.  We gave them their letter and what we needed them to do and asked them if they would help.   Here's what we said and their response:

"Royal Court/Page"

"a rafting-type picture"

The next pictures all fall under the category "R"eluctant

we asked for "terrifying/terrified" in an attempt to have some "T" pics

 still looking for terrified

By now we were thinking that having cast members act out things was fun and might become a regular feature on the blog.   We asked this group to do "A Whole New World".....

(There were actually 4 or 5 CMs standing here.  The others disappeared quickly.)

As always, you are invited to post your favorite Disney "R" pictures and then leave a link to them in the comment section here so we can all enjoy them.


  1. not sure why the CM's in the last picture didn't use the Disney point.....cast member fail..

  2. How fun to get the Cast Members involved!! I hpoe this becomes a regular series featuring the CM's!!

    Is the Disney point with 2 fingers?

  3. That's great! Love the interaction!

  4. I need a new job. This looks like fun!

  5. I agree...everyone should have job were they get paid to play. Interacting with our guests is a joy and makes each shift unique.

  6. Haha, I love that they are people from DCA...if you need any pics, let me know Jill!! You know who would love to be in pictures is people from WoC :)

  7. The folks in the rafting picture were so enthusiastic that we figured all the cast members would have fun with it. The others were almost afraid to play along. Next time we stay late, we'll get the WOC gang involved.


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