Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog Hop ...Summer #disneyland

It's time for another installment of the weekly Disney Blog Hop..  be sure to hop over there to find all the fun blogs that have linked up.  This week's theme is summer and I have a confession to make.   I rarely go to Disneyland in the summer.  If I do visit the park during our ridiculously hot months, it's for a few hours in the evening.....

A typical summer visit would be something like this:
Girl1 had a horrid day at work so we decided to make a quick run to the park and have dinner at her favorite restaurant.   (These are the kind of things that prompt us to be at the park during the summer.)

The driver in front of me was driving like an idiot...passing on double yellows..cutting in front of cars and slamming on her brakes and then got stuck waiting for the train just like everyone else....KARMA!

Traffic on the freeway was horrid.....parking at the parks was horrid.....lines inside the park were horrid.....which did not help girl1's mood.....

 So we bought a balloon (cuz no one can be grumpy if they have a light-up balloon)

and rode took the grand circle tour of the park on the Disneyland Railroad and then headed to the Rainforest Cafe....

While we were there, we read on twitter that one of the two freeways home was closed due to a tanker fire and the other freeway was pretty much stopped.   We chose to hang out at the restaurant as long as possible. (which meant that waiters had to ask us to please leave)

While waiting, we read twitter updates and discovered there were huge waves on the south facing beaches that night and newscasters were requesting that people tweet them pictures of "big waves"....this was the best we could do.   notice the balloon in the background and the fact that girl1 isn't grumpy anymore... =D 

Yep....spur of the moment...couple rides....dinner.....home...pretty much sums up my summer visits to the resort.

I will admit that I'm excited for this summer at the parks.   I've heard nothing but good about Soundsational and we all know the new attractions are FANTASTIC!   But I'll be enjoying them as late in the afternoons as possible....


  1. Oh I wish I could just pop into the parks in the Summer evenings! You're so lucky! And I want a light up balloon! I haven't seen these in Dlp before! They sell the foil Mickey, Minnie and Donald heard ones :) But the light up ones are sooo much cuter! :P

  2. I would love to live close enough to hop on over to one of the parks for dinner! And I totally agree - who can be grumpy if you have a light up Mickey balloon?

  3. I would love to be able to head over to the parks spur of the moment. Love the photo! :o)

  4. Oh I love karma! And I love the new light-up balloons too!

    Looking forward to all your summer Disneyland photos. :o)

  5. Glad to see another Disneyland Blog, looking forward to reading more! Going to follow you on Twitter!

  6. so much fun!!! I love the balloon!! :)

  7. Oh, to have a Disney Park in my backyard! :D The best part is- it doesn't sound as though you take it for granted!!

  8. Stopping by from the blog hop! :-) I'm so jealous that you can go to the park after work! I think I'd be there every day! Glad the balloon cheered you up!!


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