Friday, June 3, 2011

A, B, C, D.....P....already? #disneyland

It's Friday so it must be time for a new letter.   I'll be photographing and posting pictures of things that start with the letter P from the Disney parks all week.   You are invited to join by simply posting pics on your blog and then leaving a comment here (or on any of the "P" blogs during the week).
I have a lot to choose from this week.   While I sort and decide how to best group them together, here's a shot from Snow White's Scary Adventures.


  1. Hi all... Long time no post I know. Here are my "P" photos!
    Just 4 Fun

  2. I loved shooting "P". For this week's post, I was actually able to search for pics in park, with camera in hand. Much more fun than digging through my archives. I want to do it again!!!

  3. I put up a "p"erfectly "p"retty "p"ost of Mary "P"oppins this week for the WWBH. I hope it's ok to link to it.
    P is for Poppins


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