Monday, May 23, 2011

Nutcracker, Nightmares and Noel #disneyland

Found some "N" things hiding out in a Haunted Mansion Holiday folder.....

 (Nightmare Before Christmas overlay)

Just Wondering:   Some people love the Haunted Mansion Holiday and others absolutely hate it.   What about or hate?


  1. Can you believe we are only 4 months away before we can go on that again?? The months fly by!

    I don't know if you noticed I had a blog makeover. I saw your comment, but if you looked through a feed you wouldn't notice. Anyway I now have a navigation button on the top for the ABC Disney Theme, and I have your blog link at the top of that description following a list of all my posts for it. Just thought I'd mention that. I've been having fun with this theme you started!
    Have a great week! :)

  2. I was there the first year they introduced the holiday overlay and when I heard what they had done, I couldn't believe it! How could the Imagineers change my favorite, classic ride?! But once I went through the ride, I LOVED it! They took so many elements from the movie and made them work with the HM layout. If you watch the movie, you'll see everything from the ride overylay and appreciate the attention to detail the Imagineers did.

  3. I really like the themed overlay at the Haunted Mansion. especially the nightmare before Christmas, it is so cool and adds to the ghostly presence of the place.. I am now following your blog, great pics too.
    Please stop by my too--thanks---


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