Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've always been a little rebellious

I know it's "wordless Wednesday" and my blog usually falls easily into that category, but today I feel "wordy." 

There are just times in life when you find yourself at peace with the world.   This is one of those times and it's pretty darn awesome.

Yesterday was a wonderful, peaceful, fun, enjoyable day at the parks with family.  Star Tours2 is amazing and even more so with only a 15 minute wait.  (yeah for cast previews)   We pigged out at the Blue Bayou ending our meal by ordering one of each dessert and then passing them around for everyone to taste.   The evening found us at El Torito (our favorite Anaheim restaurant) for great food and loads of laughter.

And may I just say (again...for the millionth time) how much I am loving being a Disneyland CM?   I love the people I work with, the guests who visit, the crazy twitter/blog friends who take time to say "hi,"  my other crazy friends who run thru the stores yelling "MARCO" so they can find me (I wonder how many times this happens when I'm not even at work) and pretty much everything else about working for the Mouse.

Yep....loving life and excited about the next adventure!


  1. Have you always worked at DL or am I just late to the game? Hopefully I will see you on my next trip there!

  2. I became a cast member in December. I work in the Main Street stores most of the time.

  3. I have always loved Disney. The parks, the toons, the company itself. It is people like you, who love what they do and where they do it, who make it such a special place. That is where the real magic lies. You WERE wordy for a wordless wednesday, but totally justified.


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