Friday, April 22, 2011

jumping into "J" #disneyland

This week brings us to the letter "J" and we hope you will join us by posting your Disney "J" pictures on your blog and then jumping back over here to post a link in the comment section.   Be sure to explain the theme to your readers so they can play along.  (Including a link to this post or to Photo Theme tab may make it easier.)

Jumping pictures are always good for a laugh.   In this series, my sisters-in-law and I were celebrating our niece's 13th birthday. 

First, it's important to make sure everyone is clear on whether it is
"one-two-three-JUMP" or "one-two-JUMP on three"

We soon discovered that someone in our group is jumping-challenged.

For some reason, she thought facing the other direction would help.

The youngster decided to show us how it's done.

Thanks for the kind comments yesterday.   It was one of those days when there were a million invoices and estimates to type and phone calls to return and laundry to put away and dishes to wash and and and.....once I realized that trying to put together a blog post was stressing me out, I decided to bow out for the day.  (I sometimes forget that I can do that... )


  1. These jumping photos are great!! You got some height on those! :)

  2. VERY cool "jump shots"!!

  3. Finally posted my "J" photos. Thanks for allowing me to share here. :o)


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