Friday, September 9, 2011

finding "K" in the parks #disneyland

repost for Destination Disney's ABC theme....Enjoy!

Not as brain dead today.....but can't find the folder that I know has that one "key" picture that I'm looking for.    So while I continue to hunt to what I thought was an organized file system, here are a few "K" pictures that I found this morning.




keyhole and kid


Kanga's mailbox


  1. Here is the "K" I found... It is harder then it looks then I have an ah ha moment so there is a list on my site of "K" ideas. Jill you have one of them!
    Just 4 Fun

  2. Lots of "K" stuff at Disneyland apparently. Good photos.

    I don't know if I have that many "K" pics in my collection. Hopefully they'll just jump out at me like the "H" "I" and "J" photos did.

    Still lovin' your alphabet theme! I'm really having a good time with it.

  3. Wow, you came up with quite a few K pics! I am having K brainfreeze but hopefully I'll think of something:)
    I love a challenge:)

  4. You found a lot of Ks! I had a harder time, but here is my contribution.

  5. OoOOo Kazoos... that's a good one!! Looks like we have two of the same photos. ;)

    Here's my link:


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