Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog Hop...who, what, where, why #disneyland

Welcome to the weekly Disney Blog Hop   (click there to find out more.)This week we are sharing who we are and why we started our Disney blogs.

I'm Jill (penelope peabody on twitter).  I'm married and have three grown children.  We homeschooled our kids, so I've been a stay-at-home mom for many years.   My husband is a contractor and we own a landscaping company.  The birdies recently grew wings and flew to their own nests and I started working at Disneyland (absolutely most incredible place to work!!!!)  I love musical theatre, cruising, photography and gardening.

I've been blogging for a few years about life in general with a lot of Disney posts thrown in over at A Bubble in the Stream of Consciousness.   When I started helping my daughter with her photography business, I realized that my picture taking skills were not what I desired.  I began visiting Disneyland once a week to practice.   This resulted in a multitude of pictures that needed a home and That Disney Blog was born.

I'm currently doing an alphabet theme on the blog and will be on the letter "K" tomorrow.   You can read more about the theme on the Photo Themes/A is for Apple tab at the top of the page.   I'd love for you to join the fun!


  1. I love your alphabet series! I may just use it next year when we add our little Princess to our homeschool!

  2. I'm here visiting from the blog hop. Always enjoy your posts. Already follow you and as you know love your alphabet hop! "K" will be a tough one:)

  3. Here for the blog hop! (already a follower though) So jealous you get to work for Disney ;-) Loving your photographs!

  4. Very interesting. We're all getting to know each other better each week.

    I really love the alphabet, Disney style. I'm so glad I get to participate with you.

    Thanks for sharing Disneyland with I may never get to see it myself.

    Take care!


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