Friday, March 18, 2011

Ears to you! #disneyland

This week we are exploring the letter "E"..Disney-style.    So grab your camera (or dig thru your archives).  Post your best "E" pics on your blog and then post a link in the comment sections on this post.   More details of how to play can be found on the "A is for Apple" tab up there ^^.    Feel free to invite your friends to play can never have too many Disney pictures.

I'm starting off the week with a Disneyland icon....the Mickey Mouse ear hats.   They've been updated quite a bit and now you can customize them.   Here are just a few of the fun ears you get to choose from.

Can you remember your first set of Mickey ears?  


  1. I'm positive my first ears were the standard black ones. Still a fave amongst all the new, crazier ones they've got!

  2. I played along again this week.
    Ears... duh! What a great E! I've only purchased the standard black pair, but I do own a pair of Pirate Premiere ears too.

  3. Cute picture! My son has a set of ears, but they are the standard black :)

    Bitten by the Disney Bug

  4. I've never had an ear hat and I don't think my kids have either.


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