Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blog Hop!!! #disneyland

Welcome Blog hoppers!    This week we are posting pictures of ourselves doing something "Disney".   Here are my brothers, mom, me and my grandma on one of our first trips to the parks...obviously sometime in the 70's.  

Check out the other Disney blogs who hop around on Thursdays at Babes in Disneyland and if you have a Disney-themed blog, feel free to link up!  And don't forget, to stop back here tomorrow when we'll start a week a new week of "A is for Apple" pictures....we'll be exploring the letter "D" all week.


  1. This Disney blog hop is going to be fun! I can tell already. Nice meeting you here. :)

  2. Been hopping around the blog hop. Just added you to my RSS feed and followed you on Twitter. I'm @canyongirl789. Nice meeting you!


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