Thursday, January 20, 2011

Enchanted Tiki Room #disneyland

Yesterday, as I passed by the Enchanted Tiki Room, the doors opened and the crowd was invited in.   I couldn't remember the last time I visited this attraction so I took it as a sign and accepted the invitation.  

My experience was dampened by the eight whiny, crying, and screaming toddlers who entered at the last minute and sat in the row in front of me with their three "don't have a clue or don't give a hoot" moms.   Seriously if the majority of children in your group are being disruptive, everyone leaves.   If just one or two are upset, then one parent leaves with those kids.  It's pretty simple.   (I'm not sure why the cast member didn't ask them to leave.)

I couldn't hear most of the show, so I just entertained myself by trying different settings on my camera.   


  1. Wow, great pics, Jill! I am glad that you didn't record it tho! :D

  2. Disney brings out the most incompetent parents, I'm sure of it. And the cast member probably didn't want to ruffle any feathers and start a fiasco...even though I agree they should have! Nice photos though!

  3. LOVE playing with my camera in the Tiki Room!

    Sorry the experience was so rotten, though. Foolish mortals...


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