Friday, October 8, 2010

Disney Themed Photography -- Bad Weather Days

Think of Disneyland and you usually picture gorgeous blue skies and pretty much perfect weather.   But it's not always that way....California does have some bad weather days.    It does actually rain here.   Sometimes it so miserably hot that you can't breathe.  Other times, the wind howls and the air is filled with smoke from fires.  So let's explore those trips to the park that might not have been perfect in the weather department.  

Our most recent rainy day trip was December 7, 2009.   Not normal Southern California rain, but real rain....the kind that soaks you to the skin.   And it was cold.   And it was windy.   And we rode Splash Mountain first...."cuz we're going to be wet anyway"....

Please remember that they take the picture at the top of the drop....before the Splash.    Look at us....just walking to the ride and we were already drenched.   It was a long, cold day.   Happy Birthday, Kayt.....only for you would we stay all day.  

It's easy to play along.   Just post a picture on your blog that fits the theme....however you interpret it.  Then come back here and post a link to your blog in the comment section.   Please but a paragraph in your blog explaining Disney Themed Photography to your readers, so they can play along too.

Looking forward to your pics this week.   Remember, you can play as often as you like!


  1. I'll work on getting a blog post up in the next couple of days referring back to this. Great idea!

    I have just the picture in mind, myself. :)

  2. This pic reminds me of my last trip to WDW..a cold day. Even though I was sitting right next to her, my wife got soaked on the ride and I was barely touched. It was just before sunset and she started to get extremely chilled. We ended up having to buy her all new clothed in one of the shops on Main Street USA so she could continue.

    Tinker Bell sweats and a hot indoor meal at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café saved the trip.


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