Saturday, October 16, 2010

not disneyland

Boy1 had to work on Friday so we took a blogging buddy's advice and visited Rock City, Tn. As we drove down the highway, there were signs all over the place encouraging us to visit. We had a feeling we were heading into a tourist trap but figured we'd play along.

It's basically some fun trails through rocks with fantastic views. Some of the views are one point you can see 7 states.

And then, just before you are finished, you find this sign. Harmless enough....

and then you enter the Fairy Tale Cavern and these two "lovely" creatures are there to greet you:
As you walk through the cavern, you find all sorts of figures hidden in the rocks....

The grand finale is this room with is "Mother Goose's Village"....We didn't walk around the whole village. We did notice, though, that Cinderella is now part of Mother Goose's town.

Definitely not Disneyland....but kinda charming in it's own bizzare way.

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