Thursday, March 18, 2010

sad day.....

Disney's Electrical Parade (formerly Main Stree Electrical Parade) is heading east at least for the summer.   World of Color is expected to be such a huge draw that the folks at Disney have decided there is no room for it at California Adventure.   (Many locals think it should make it's way across the plaza to Disneyland, but we have no power    So Disneyworld gets to enjoy it this summer and we have to find time in the next few weeks to relive the magic before it goes.

Last summer, my friends and I made a special evening trip to catch it.

We staked out an excellent viewing location:

and oooh'd and aaaaw'd like a bunch of tourists when it came around the corner.


  1. I suppose it will be gone later in April. boo hoo

  2. Will forever love Pete's Dragon!


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