Tuesday, February 23, 2010

more Captain EO

Sometimes I feel so inadequate....I love Disney...my friends call me a geek....but I wouldn't dream of standing in line all night just to watch Captain EO.   And yet, there have been people there all night.   They're waiting to see the 10 am showing.  
thanks to @mouseplanet for the pic

I'll see it Thursday....maybe....if the line isn't too long.


  1. I saw it when it was first at the park, and I remember that even then I thought it seemed a little dated. Still, I'm curious to see it again...but like you, not willing to wait in a really long line. BTW: If you need any help digitizing your family's DL photos, let me know: dvdpicasso@aol.com

  2. Geez, for reals? We'll see it tomorrow, I'm sure, as Sky hasn't seen it--EVER and would like to. Well...I guess she saw it on YouTube, but it's just not the same....

  3. Have a great time tomorrow! We watched Captain EO today....waited for about 10 minutes.

  4. We waited for about 10 minutes too. I dunno what it is about Captain EO--it's so dang cheesy--but I love it! I know, geeky.

    BTW, I meant to get pictures of the "People of Disneyland", but nobody---but nobody---was worth it. Well, except the guy who was wearing the Mad Hatter hat, and he was on to me....he saw me holding my camera and was eyeing it like he knew my thoughts---which were absolutely to get a funny pic of him for your blog. Drat!


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